Tour Request Form

Please fill out the below form to request a meeting with us at our headquarters in St. Cloud, FL.

If you prefer, you may use the PDF version of the Tour Request form, which you can print, fill out, and either mail or fax back to us. Our fax number is 407-498-3065.



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I hereby submit my Franchise Application for consideration as a Maid to Perfection® Franchisee.

I understand that upon receipt and favorable review of my application, and scheduling availability, I will be invited to visit with principal executives of Maid to Perfection® in St. Cloud, Florida. The purpose of this visit is to verify information received by Maid to Perfection® marketing representatives and to provide full business disclosure. It is further understood that I will receive complete indoctrination on a Maid to Perfection® business with methods and procedures to implement and sustain a successful Maid to Perfection® franchise.

It is understood that Maid to Perfection® reserves the right to reject any application and/or applicant if the candidate does not meet the qualification requirements. I agree not to disclose information released to me during this visit and to protect the confidentiality with respect to the Maid to Perfection® franchise system.