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Gary Kase and son
Gary Kase, Central DuPage, has plenty of chances to play with his son, thanks to MTP's Family-friendly work hours!

As the new owner of “Maid To Perfection of Central DuPage” in Illinois I have experienced firsthand the kind of support so many people hope for when the decide to enter the world of franchised businesses. The support I’ve received from Mike, Pat Lori and Rick from head office has been nothing short of extensive.

I’ve also talked with other franchisees in the system. They too have been very helpful. In particular I want to thank Gina and Owen Reeves of Champaign County, Illinois. After speaking with them about some of the struggles I’ve faced with interviewing and training employees they offered to drive over 150 miles to come up and show me how they interview prospective employees. We set up a few interviews and I sat back and watched and learned. While here, Gina and Owen even took some extra time to look over our operation and had some great tips to tweak a few things here and there. Their kindness and selflessness to help me out has been amazing! This at a time when their business is thriving and their time more valuable than ever.

The support didn’t stop there. I wanted to make some changes in our system and really learn how to train our maids. Owen and Gina’s support took another turn as the offered to have their daughters, Kindra and Danielle spend three days with us and go out with our maids. Stunning offer! Not only did Kindra and Danielle (re)train our maids. They taught my office manager and myself as well. (I’m NOT a good cleaner.) It gave us huge insight into how to relate and work with our maids in the future.

Overall I have to say that I am humbled by the selflessness the Reeves’ have showed to support another franchisee. I was feeling stressed and worried about the future of my ability to run this company but now feel as though the sky is the limit. Thank you SO much Gina, Owen, Kindra and Danielle. Please know that your support was truly appreciated! I will do my best to pass it along to those who might need it in the future. Bless you all!!!

Gary Kase, Owner
Maid to Perfection of Central DuPage

Here's what other franchisees are saying!

Owen Reeves "If somebody would have told me that I could make $44,000 in one week in a cleaning business, I never would have believed them. But it happened in August 2008. The funny thing is that I made most of the money from commercial accounts in the slowest time of the year for maid service. Who would have known?"
Owen Reeves, Champaign, Illinois
Patricia Shank "I can say in all honesty that I know I would not be as successful as I am now, had I started my own business, without your support."
Patricia Shank, Volusia County, Florida


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