Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is Maid to Perfection®?

We are a Florida-based Franchisor of residential and commercial cleaning services. Our "cross-market concept", involving residential maid service and commercial cleaning, provides opportunity, stability and increased earnings. Just ask our franchisees!


Am I charged a national advertising fee in addition to royalties?

No! Your area may not benefit directly from national advertising. With our assistance, you can custom design your own marketing plan and spend those advertising dollars where you feel best.


What does the franchise fee cover?

This fee covers an exclusive territory with all the rights necessary to operate a business under an established trade name. It also includes: headquarters training for you, any partners and an office manager; operations manual; and training films.


How will my territory(s) be determined?

Your territory(s) will be designed with your involvement. Such factors as demographics and residential and commercial development will be considered. Boundaries will be defined in writing in your franchise agreement.


Will my territory be exclusive?

Yes. No other Maid to Perfection® franchise is permitted to conduct business in your territory without your permission. If accounts are currently being serviced in your territory, they must be turned over to you upon request.


Do I need an office?

Yes. You will manage both residential and commercial accounts. The projected size of your business, the number of employees and the amount of equipment and chemical supplies all support the need for an outside business office. In addition, zoning requirements in many areas prohibit operation of the business from your home (your neighbors may too). This is not a major expense, but it is necessary.


What is the royalty?

The royalty is 7% of gross sales up to $500,000 and 5% on sales in excess of $500,000 in a calendar year. The royalty provides you with ongoing assistance and support in all areas of running a business and performing both residential and commercial cleaning services, as well as specialized cleaning services. Royalties on commercial contracts are as low as 2%.


Am I required to buy or lease special vehicles?

No vehicle purchases or leases are required to operate your business. We recommend keeping fixed costs as low as possible.


What is the operations manual?

This detailed manual with over 1000 pages provides instruction, policies and procedures necessary to manage and operate a successful full-scale cleaning franchise. It is backed by headquarters training and ongoing support.


What about training?

You will attend a training program at our headquarters office approximately three weeks before you open for business. This program consists of classroom instruction on how to run a business and how to cost-effectively manage a maid and janitorial operation. You will be trained to become a sales organization, not just a cleaning company. Confidence comes from knowing your business and knowing you can succeed. Our training program provides you with that confidence. We also will provide on-site operational training when you open your MTP franchise. This training provides detailed insight on estimating and training both managers and maids. Call us for details.


Do I receive any assistance prior to training?

Absolutely! Our six week pre-opening assistance prepares you for training as well as the opening of your business.


What is included in my initial inventory?

The Equipment Package includes everything needed to start two residential teams of two maids. The Supply Package includes all the chemicals recommended for residential cleaning. With the equipment and supply packages (and at least one employee), you can open for business. The Business Forms Package is the most comprehensive in our industry, providing you with forms and contracts for both your residential and commercial clients.


How do I obtain equipment and supplies?

Your initial inventory, as described above, is purchased from Maid to Perfection®. Replacement and additional inventory can be sourced and purchased from Maid to Perfection®, from local suppliers or direct from selected national distributors offering group discounts negotiated by Maid to Perfection®.


How long do I receive support?

Ongoing support is provided to you for the life of your business. Even our competition reports that we have one of the strongest support systems in the industry. We know we have the strongest and our franchisees agree.


How fast can I grow the business?

The "cross-market" concept involving both residential and commercial cleaning will allow you to grow faster than other cleaning services. Your growth will reflect your commitment to the Maid to Perfection® System and your personal effort, ability and aggressiveness.


Is it necessary to meet with you in person?

Absolutely. You will be entering into a relationship where you must feel comfortable and confident that you have made the best business decision for you. This also helps us in our selection process of the best possible candidates for Maid to Perfection®.


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