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The System with A Decisive Edge

Customers today are too busy to shop for several home cleaning companies. And why should they, when One Call Cleans It All®? We teach you everything you need to know on how to start and manage your own service business franchise.


Maid to Perfection® Mission Statement

Our mission is to attain the "first place" position in the cleaning industry by providing an economical, professional, top-quality upscale cleaning service to meet and satisfy the demands of the growing public.

Our commitment, dedication, and support services, in pursuit of this goal, are the hallmarks of our system and will result in the growth, success and profitability of our franchise owners.


An Industry with A Strong Future

Regardless of fluctuations in the economy, job security on the management level is less stable than ever. "Global economics" has spawned mergers, and one of the very real by-products of these mergers is the rise of "downsizing". Industries that once seemed secure have been made obselete by new technologies. Fortunately, there is no new technology on the horizon that can replace the highly-trained cleaning professional of today, and the global economy will serve to strengthen our industry as new markets emerge.


Maid to Perfection

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