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Who are we?
     A Company History

Maid to Perfection® is a cleaning service franchisor based in St. Cloud, Florida.  We began in 1980 as an unincorporated business under the name Midy Tidy, and incorporated in 1983.  In 1990 Midy Tidy merged to form Maid to Perfection®, and we began franchising under that name.  As of May 2006 we had awarded 275 franchise units in 22 states.

Most of our serious competitors in the maid service franchise industry also began in business around 1980 and immediately set about creating, developing and selling franchises. We opted instead to spend more time in research and development, due to the profound changes in the rapidly expanding residential cleaning market.  Diversity became a necessity as we began to examine the other systems, and develop our unique mix of options for consumers.  However, they had a ten year head start on us.  Now we are the "player" to watch. The April 1999 issue of Success Magazine ranked Maid to Perfection #1 for franchisee support and satisfaction.  Our support remains strong to this day.

One of the factors to which we attribute our success, and that sets us apart from most franchise systems in any industry, is our steadfast commitment to servicing team partners - our franchisees.  They know that from 9am to 5pm (EST), Monday thru Friday, we answer the phones personally to keep their concerns and questions on the "front burner". This commitment to communications is a major reason why we don't claim we're the best, our franchisees do!



Maid cleaning and janitorial franchise business opportunity

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